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Pengu Try Every Angle

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Potential Development:

Hand-eye Coordination


Logical combination

Spatial Intelligence


Variety Shapes:

Six-sided structure, including cube,triangle,sector and other basic geometric shapes for endless 3D shapes building.


Connection points between cubes can be hidden, make pengu pieces suitable for numbers of block puzzles.


Pengu pieces can be connected horizontally, vertically, even diagonally, make it play with countless changes and great flexbility.



Ways to play:

Jump and Block:

It's an innovative game which contains traditional building block game and logical game elements.

The two chicks vivd image and their characteristics that they can not jump too high and fly, cleverly suits the game rules. So it's a game full of fun!


Tetraboloes puzzle:

A polyabolo is polygon formed by joining congruent isosceles right triangles in such a way that each triangle shares a side with at least one other triangle.

Tetraboloes are polyabolos that formed from four triangles, there are 14 distinct tetraboloes.

We can use these 14 tetraboloes to play many kinds of puzzles such as rectangle puzzle, symmetry and congruent puzzles, just like many other polyforms puzzles.


Linking Game

Linking Game is played on a 7x7 square grid with domino-shaped pieces that cover two squares each.

The two players have different goals: one player, call "fewer" needs to keep the number of color groups low, while the other player, called "More", needs to make the number of color groups high.



3 X Instruction booklets

1 X Art work gallery

96 X Basic Cube

4 X Half

6 X Fixing Half

42 X Triangle

10 X Equilateral Triangle

16 X Sector

14 X Arch

4 X Wheel

8 X Eyes Set Disk

4 X Axle Set

Total 216 PCS


Age: 3+


Prouduct Care & Maintenance:

Children should use it under parental supervision.

Do not throw the toy to each other.

Do not use it if quality problems arise.

Do not put it in mouth.

Do not store it in high-temperature places.

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